I believe a proper introduction is in order…

Happy Almost Valentine’s Day! Yeah, you read that correctly! Now usually a tough girl like myself wouldn’t admit to such a thing, but I absolutely LOVE Valentine’s Day! It’s not the whole “gift thing” or “treat me like a princess” crap, I just think it’s rad that on this one day- people put the crumminess of life aside and remind people around them that they love ’em! I’m tough, but I’m all about the love! Which brings me to this next part… I’ve decided that every-so-often I’m gonna post the random cool stuff I find online in a post called, “Random Radness”. What a perfect day for “Random Radness” when many of us waited to the last minute and are now trying to figure out what the heck we are getting our other half as a gift. Not that I would know anything about that. Me, wait til the last minute?… Never! [insert picture of me with halo above my head here] šŸ˜‰

So, I searched around the internet and found some stuff that I thought would be cool to give as a present to him or her.

Here goes nothin’…


#1- I pity da foo that don’t think this card is awesome!

#2- Bacon + Chocolate = Delicious-ness

#3- He can use this to fix something and then scratch his head with it while he ponders what the extra parts are for

#4- Eau de Booze

#5- Wearable Lucha love

#6- Basketball never sounded so good!

#7- A little bit of old, a little bit of new

#8- Custom bar sign?… Yes please!

#9- So, your dude’s facial hair stays in check and so he won’t smell like Doritos anymore



#1- Give her your heart… or at least an anatomically correct one!

#2- Keep her warm and fashionable all at the same time

#3- Seein’ HEARTS

#4- Smell like cute

#5- Geeky sweet

#6- Cuz the same old Valentine chocolates, just won’t do!

#7- Cupcake that goes on your head, not in your mouth

#8- Help her get her Craft on!

#9- Adorn her with Disney Couture! (It even has a secret message inside!)


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