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Here, there & everywhere…Part Dos

Ok, if you’re just tuning in- In my last  post, I was just talking about how crazy life has been these last couple weeks around our house.  Might I add, that I LOVED every second of it! 

And so the nutty-ness continues…

Every year my favorite meat heads, Bauer and his brother Kobi, come to town for our  Family Super Bowl Party Extravaganza. Each and every year we have this ridiculously awesome party at my brothers’ house for the occasion. It usually ends in people passed out on couches and my guts hurting from eating way too much random delicious stuff. (Shout out to my girl Sylvia for her delicious cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped dates!) This year it ended with me kickin’ everyone’s’ butts at The Michael Jackson Experience Wii game.  (I had no idea how well I knew his dance moves!  It’s almost freakish!  I AM A NERD!)  Well, each and every year (without fail) Bauer and Kobi fly in from Albuquerque for the wild festivities. This year Bauer made the trek from Paris… YES!… Paris, France! Only Bauer would do this! (His job relocated him there.)  He’s a crazy like that!  😉 This is the same dude who on his 21st birthday, allowed our friends to color in his front tooth with black Sharpie, so he could look like a pirate! Even our good homie, Raj made it out from Arizona for the fun.  (And yes, that is Raj dressed as “Ramathorn” from the movie “Super Troopers“.  Yes, I know!… My friends are awesome!)  So, needless to say, Casa de Burlygirly smelt like a frat house that week and we spent all of our time running around pulling all sorts of shenanigans!

We ate a lot of burritos!   Ate “All You Can Eat Sushi” that was actually good.  And I would also like to add that nobody got sick!   If you like sushi, go here!  $25 for All You Can Eat and they definitely don’t skimp on anything.  Come to think of it… We ate a lot!  The boys even found time to go sky diving while they were here…twice!  Here are some highlights…

Electrode Facial!

This is Bauer and Raj from when we were at an oxygen bar.  Don’t ask how we ended up here.  I just remember that right before this, Bauer bought dress socks that had T-bone Steaks printed on them. [Shrug]  Anyways— while we were at the oxygen bar, they put these electrode patches on our backs and gave us each a little controller.  Basically you can pick and choose how strong the current is on your back and it’s suppose to massage you.  I think I would have rather just gave $10 to a giant  linebacker and had him dig his elbow into my back, but I guess supposedly normal people find this electrode thing is relaxing.  Bauer thought it would be a brilliant idea to put the patches on his face.  Thus was the birth of the Electrode Facial.  He put them on his face, cranked up the electricity and then continued to twitch around in his seat every time the pad pulsated.  Pretty hilarious!

Union Station

One day we made a pit stop by Union Station in downtown L.A.  It’s gorgeous in there!  It’s all Art Deco and a lot of really famous movies have been shot their.  (Possible wedding venue for the nuptials of one Miss Burlygirly to a certain Mr. Veau??? Maybe.)

Meat makes him smile!

On this day we grabbed a bite at one of my all-time favorite eateries- Philippe’s!  My Dad has been bringing us here since I was a little kid!  It’s all about the French dips and coffee that’s only 9 cents a cup!  It’s definitely an L.A. historical landmark. The above pic is of Mr. Nick Bauer getting excited to grub!

All in all, it was a great week!  I’m still tired from it!  Our house is so quiet with them gone.  We decided that next time they are here, we are all getting matching Goonies tattoos!  How rad would that be!?!?!?  Also (and this is totally random), if you’re into old photos like me-  Go check out this chick’s photo project!  It’s so stinkin’ rad!  And if you like that, then check this out!

P.s.  Thank you to my amazing friends!  I can’t thank you enough for making my life so kick-ass! 

I leave  you with the best movie clip eva!!!


Here, there & everywhere…Part Uno

So, the last couple weeks have been insane! I’ve been running non-stop! It got kicked off, somethin’ like this…

Our amazing friends Eric and Erin came to visit!  Just because they missed us desperately.  They just can’t bear to go without seeing us for too long.  Seriously, they cried tears of joy when we opened our front door.  Ok, not really!  But sort of!  Ok, not really sort of.  They live in good ole Arizona and one of their favorite bands was playing here in Cali, so they made the drive.  Hey!… Any excuse to hang with good friends right?!?!? 

It was an awesome weekend!  We saw Les Savy Fav on Friday night at the Echoplex.  If you wanna get your face rocked off and get your booty shake on at the same time, I highly recommend them.  It’s like Bloc Party on a steroids and acid cocktail!  They put on a damn good show.  Their rad frontman– Don’t even get me started! 

Love this dude! Photo Courtesy of: Jason Persse

 The next day we checked out The Museum of Jurassic Technology.  

Photo Courtesy of: Profound Whatever

I want to meet the person who does the curating and set-up for the exhibits here.  The whole time we were walking through, I kept saying, “I wanna live here!”  The exhibits aren’t your run of the mill type.  They’re hands on and set up in a way I’ve never really seen before.  If you are ever in L.A.- Go here!  It’s super interesting.  One of my favorite exhibits was one that featured the artwork of Hagop Sandaldijian.  This dude takes lint, hair and dust particles and makes them into figures!  Figures that you can only view through a strong magnifying glass.  And he does it all in either the eye of a sewing needle or on the very top of it.  Then, if that’s not enough, he actually paints them using a single strand of hair!  Who does that???  It’s amazing!  You can actually tell what each figure is.  Like, where else in the world would you see a full microscopic bust of Pope John Paul II?!?!? 

The Pope John Paul II by Hagop Sandaldjian

Only at this museum!  Honestly, this pic doesn’t do it justice.  After going through the exhibits, we went up stairs to their tea parlor, where they serve the most delicious hot tea and cookies— For FREE!  Entrance to the museum is free also, they do however ask for a $5 donation.  Which I really don’t think is a big deal at all (considering all the amazing stuff you get to see).  The people who work there are uber nice to boot!  Can you tell I like this place?  It was very cool!  Did I mention it was cool? 😉

P.s.  Eric and Erin!  Love those mofos!

P.s.s. You can check out Eric’s awesome outdoors blog here!  He knows his ish!

P.s.s.s. Next up is Part Dos.  Oh and I promise to stop “P.s.”-ing.

What choo gonna do brothurrr?!?!?

Ok so this sounds kind of funny, but growing up in the 80’s- I loved me some WWF wrestling! The funny part is, so did my Grandma. Back in the day when my Grandma McDonald would babysit me and my lil’ brother, we would watch 2 things: 1) Anything starring Michael Landon (Little House On The Prairie, Bonanza & Highway To Heaven) and 2) WWF. One time, she even got tickets and took us to see it live!  We loved all the greats- Hulk, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Bret The Hitman Hart… I could just keep listing them!  Even one of my favorite singers of all time was up in the WWF mix!

With that said, you can imagine my delight when my work buddy John introduced me to the Ultimate Warrior’s Official Site.  His site has a blog, merch store and an entire section of fine art!  Who knew this 80’s wrestling phenom had the knack for painting?!?!?

Check it!

Oh and by the way, all he uses to make these paintings are oil paints and a knife!…  A knife!  It’s doesn’t get more badass than that!  He even has a blog (It’s called, “Warrior’s Machete”) where he has a bunch of different sections.  One of them being, “Life Empowerment”- where he writes and posts his affirmation art.

This one is definitely my favorite!

Words to live by?… I think so!  😉

I leave you today with some pics of my significant other, sportin’ one of our most prized possessions!

Lookin' tough, huh?

I believe a proper introduction is in order…

Well, after years of goin’ back and forth — I actually started a blog! It’s been a goal of mine for the past 3 years and I finally got all Nike on myself and said, “Just Do It!!!” So, here I am ready to get down to the nuts and bolts of what it is to be the girl who has an affinity for UFC and a ridiculous amount of lip glosses. A fondness for sneakers and a weakness for baking. A lover of beer tastings and a crazy collector of all things Hello Kitty. A lucha libre wrestling event attendee and a connoisseur of purses. Ok, I could go on and on! I think you get the idea.

This blog is for the people in the middle.  Sandwiched between being girly and being a total meathead! There’s a lot of amazing stuff out there in the world that I think should have some light shed on it and that’s really my mission for this lil’ blog. To bring rad people, places and things to the forefront!

With that said, welcome to my blog! Let’s get this party started!