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What choo gonna do brothurrr?!?!?

Ok so this sounds kind of funny, but growing up in the 80’s- I loved me some WWF wrestling! The funny part is, so did my Grandma. Back in the day when my Grandma McDonald would babysit me and my lil’ brother, we would watch 2 things: 1) Anything starring Michael Landon (Little House On The Prairie, Bonanza & Highway To Heaven) and 2) WWF. One time, she even got tickets and took us to see it live!  We loved all the greats- Hulk, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Bret The Hitman Hart… I could just keep listing them!  Even one of my favorite singers of all time was up in the WWF mix!

With that said, you can imagine my delight when my work buddy John introduced me to the Ultimate Warrior’s Official Site.  His site has a blog, merch store and an entire section of fine art!  Who knew this 80’s wrestling phenom had the knack for painting?!?!?

Check it!

Oh and by the way, all he uses to make these paintings are oil paints and a knife!…  A knife!  It’s doesn’t get more badass than that!  He even has a blog (It’s called, “Warrior’s Machete”) where he has a bunch of different sections.  One of them being, “Life Empowerment”- where he writes and posts his affirmation art.

This one is definitely my favorite!

Words to live by?… I think so!  😉

I leave you today with some pics of my significant other, sportin’ one of our most prized possessions!

Lookin' tough, huh?


I believe a proper introduction is in order…

Well, after years of goin’ back and forth — I actually started a blog! It’s been a goal of mine for the past 3 years and I finally got all Nike on myself and said, “Just Do It!!!” So, here I am ready to get down to the nuts and bolts of what it is to be the girl who has an affinity for UFC and a ridiculous amount of lip glosses. A fondness for sneakers and a weakness for baking. A lover of beer tastings and a crazy collector of all things Hello Kitty. A lucha libre wrestling event attendee and a connoisseur of purses. Ok, I could go on and on! I think you get the idea.

This blog is for the people in the middle.  Sandwiched between being girly and being a total meathead! There’s a lot of amazing stuff out there in the world that I think should have some light shed on it and that’s really my mission for this lil’ blog. To bring rad people, places and things to the forefront!

With that said, welcome to my blog! Let’s get this party started!